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Tasha Smith On Her Trip To Africa And For Better Or Worse Season 8

Tasha Smith On Her Trip To Africa And For Better Or Worse Season 8Posted by Wilson Morales

June 10, 2016

Tasha Smith - photograher Bobby Quillar

Between Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse, Lee Daniel’s Empire and Courtney Kemp Agboh’s Power, Tasha Smith is everywhere and employed! It’s not often for an actor/ actress to be seen on that many TV series around the same time, especially when all three are hot with many viewers tuned in.

From playing Angela Williams on the long running Tyler Perry series to a hot recurring role as Carol, the sister to Taraji P. Henson and Vivica A. Fox‘s characters on Empire to Jarita, the ex-love to 50 Cent‘s character Kanan on Starz’s Power, Smith has been on a good run for a quite a while now.

And when she’s not acting, she teaching. All that fame hasn’t stopped the New Jersey native from continuing her Tasha Smith Actors Workshop (TSAW) and taking it to another level. Smith recently returned from visiting Africa for the first time and had a blast. recently spoke with Smith her adventures in Africa and her continued success on television.

How was Africa?

Tasha Smith in Africa 3

Tasha Smith: I was in South Africa in Botswana. It was absolutely amazing. I had never been to Africa before, so for that to be my first time traveling there, I picked the right places to go to because I enjoyed myself. I learned so much, going to the Apartheid museum and I have a lot of friends there. The culture, the energy, the fun, history and everything, it’s been amazing. I got a chance to go to Capetown, Robben Island, and other places as well. It was just phenomenal. I got a chance to teach a Tasha Smith Actors Workshop (TSAW) seminar in Botswana. I spoke to women about empowerment. It was just great. It was a great experience.

When you were teaching, did you have a translator?

TS: No. They all speak English. They have their own Zulu language. They have tribal languages but they speak English. They understand everything. I was given them the tools that I had been teaching in America. It was just powerful. I taught for almost eight hours straight.

Tasha Smith in Africa 1

Being in Africa for the first time and teaching is a lot to absorb. What else did you learn?

TS: A lot of the people that I met are first generation apartheid experienced. The stuff that some of the people shared with me and the things that their families had to go through within the 30 years was deep. The fight and the love within the hearts of the people there really touched me. It also touched me that they are so happy when we come to visit. They were so happy about me being there, in their country and love their their country, and they are proud of their country. Their pride and their love was really infectious.

Empire S2 Ep16 pic 4 Vivica A. Fox, Tasha Smith and Taraji P. Henson

Empire just ended its second season in which you had a major arc towards the end. How much fun were you having on the set?

TS: I have to tell you. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented actors, writers and directors. I’m team Empire all the way. Everyone there is extremely and deeply creative. Taraji (P. Henson) is fantastic. Terrence is fantastic. Lee and Sanaa (Hamri) and the different directors that they hire that I get a chance to work with, I love them so much. It’s just a great group of people that I get a chance to work with and be creative with.

Empire S2 Ep17 pic 14 Tasha Smith

How often do you get to hang with Taraji and Vivica?

TS: Everyone’s working and we don’t have time when we are there. Taraji is working so hard and she’s in almost everything. Vivica and I get more of a chance to hang out more than Taraji. Earlier in the season we got a chance to hang out but she’s just so busy and exhausted by the time she’s done working.

For Better Or Worse just ended its eighth season. Did you ever think it would go this far?

TS: Eight Seasons. Is that crazy? You know what? Honestly no. I didn’t. I’m really grateful for that opportunity as well. Working with Michael Jai White for so many years and Tyler Perry, it’s been a great run and it’s been amazing. I have lived with Angela for a long time. She’s like part of the family.

With so much competition out there on TV and shows vying for a staying audience, what do you think makes For Better or Worse successful enough to keep coming back?

TS: I think that people love Angela and Marcus. I really do. I think from the Why Did I Get Married movies, there are fans that just won’t leave us. They are just very supportive fans. It’s them that have kept us there. They have connected with us and they have not left us for all these years. They are loyal and I just feel that it’s their support that have kept us on TV.

For Better or Worse Season 8

What are we to expect for the next season?

TS: I have to tell you that the finale for this season was interesting because it will open up the door for next season to just blow you guys away. Marcus and Angela have been doing pretty good but some very challenging moments are coming up. The moments are so challenging that it actually hurt me personally. I got mad at Tyler and was like, “What are you doing? Why are you doing this to them?” He had the nerve to say something in the likes of, “Stop acting like you that concerned about Angela!” I am. She’s been with me for so long. He was thinking that I was being emotional. Angela is part of me. When she goes through something, it affects me.

For Better Or Worse

Do you have a say when it comes to Angela when you get the script per episode?

TS: Not really. Tyler does whatever the heck he wants to do. He doesn’t listen to anyone. (Laughs).

Will you also make a return on Power for Season 3?

TS: As of now, I haven’t been back to Power.

Any more trips down the road?

TS: I took my South Africa trip and I plan to go to the Congo. I am planning to make a trip and I’m so in love with Italy, that I feel like I need a week in Venice or Sicily. I’m hoping I can fit that in within my schedule.

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