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Gravitas Ventures To Release Suspense Thriller ’11:55′ On June 9

Gravitas Ventures To Release Suspense Thriller ’11:55′ On June 9Posted by Wilson Morales

March 3, 2017

Source: Deadline

Deadline is reporting that Gravitas Ventures has picked up the North American distribution rights to the suspense thriller 11:55, with plans to release the film in theaters and on demand June 9

Directed by Ari Issler and Ben Snyder from a script by them along with lead actor Victor Almanzar, the film had its World Premiere at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Also featured in the film are Shirley Rumierk, Elizabeth Rodriguez, David Zayas, Julia Stiles, John Leguizamo, and Mike Carlsen.

Nelson (Victor Almanzar) is a Marine returning home to Holyoke, Massachusetts, following his deployment. Change is in the air: His younger sister is now a teenager and the rest of his family seems to be back on their feet. His homecoming begins a new chapter for everyone in their community, from his close friends to his beloved girlfriend Livvy. As he readjusts to the pace of civilian life, many of the issues he thought were buried have now come back to haunt him, including his involvement in a drug-related crime. Amid the fanfare and celebration, the brother of the deceased, Nicky (Carlsen, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), learns of Nelson’s homecoming and vows revenge. Word reaches Nelson but instead of fleeing, he charts an unlikely path to break the cycle of violence that defined him. spoke to both Ari Issler and Ben Snyder when the film played the LA Film Festival in 2016.

1155 Co-directors Ari Issler and Ben Snyder

There have been comparisons to other previous films, but this is an original. How did the story come about?

Ben Snyder: The story started with a friend of mine who had come back from service in the marines. He was an actor, we knew each other at a theater company previously. And he was getting into trouble and he wanted to write scripts. And we start talking about what he’d experienced before he left for the military, and what he experienced when he got home. Inspired by real events, Victor Almanzar who is the lead actor in the movie and I started talking about developing the script. And we brought Ari on board and the three of us created this fictional narrative. Very much inspired by his life story.

Now, obviously comparisons have been made, for anyone that’s old enough, to “High Noon”, even though it’s not “High Noon”. What did you do as you were writing this together, and you guys are filmmakers, not to make it look like “High Noon”?

1155 pic 1

Ben Snyder: I think the comparison is fine. What I appreciate about “High Noon” is someone who has served their community, and everyone turns their back on them, and it takes place in a day. Our world is very different. It’s populated by people he was doing crimes with before he left, and people he served with overseas. And the allegory is very different, it’s not about McCarthyism. Our film is really about the post-industrial American landscape. Especially small cities, where a lot of young men, their two options are go to the street or go to the military, both violent options.

Our story is the story of guy who has done both and wants something else. And really looking at scenes that are sort of justice and redemption, not a shoot-em-up, western, as kind of the classic genre usually looks.

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