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Trailer To Urban Movie Channel’s New Series ‘5th Ward,’ Starring Mya, Carl Anthony Payne

Trailer To Urban Movie Channel’s New Series ‘5th Ward,’ Starring Mýa, Carl Anthony PaynePosted by Wilson Morales

February 15, 2018

Premiering on Urban Movie Channel on March 2 is 5th Ward, created by Greg Carter and produced by Dominique Telson, 5th Ward is a contemporary take on Carter’s 1998 film of the same name.

Premiering on Urban Movie Channel, the new series is set to be in the vein of The Wire. It stars R&B singer Mýa and Carl Anthony Payne of Martin fame.

The series also stars Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, Gary Sturgis, Corr Kendricks, Chris O’ Neal and Christopher Jefferson.

The first episode will premiere on March 2, 2018 with the remaining five episodes premiering weekly though April 6, 2018.

Fifth Ward captures the gamut of problems plaguing inner city communities through the life of Mina, a single mother of two struggling to make ends meet; as well as several additional locals and town officials residing in the historical district of Houston’s Fifth Ward.

The series description: In Houston’s historically black neighborhood known as the “Fifth Ward,” long-time resident, Mina (Mya), has been struggling to make ends meet – especially since the death of her husband two years ago. Now a single mother of two sons, James and older brother Ray Ray, Mina fears for their safety after an argument at a local convenience store leaves a young girl dead. When James is taken away from her following a police raid on her home that results in the arrest of her new boyfriend, Mina battles with the idealism of remaining on the straight and narrow and the reality of what difficult decisions her circumstances will require her to make.

“Throwing homage to some of the films I loved when I made my original 1998 SXSW featured film, I wanted to tell a story that touched on gentrification and well as a lot of the social and political issues still  affecting our often forgotten inner city communities.” – Greg Carter

Greg Carter and Nexus Entertainment has also partnered with Melissa Harville-Lebron of E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc. (NASCAR) and Coutrá Music Group, Inc. to release the free soundtrack Spotify playlist for the show on March 2. E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc. will unveil the 5th Ward- UMC NASCAR vehicle as part of the Camping World Truck Series in Las Vegas on March 2nd.

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