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Talking With Superfly’s Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell

Talking With Superfly’s Trevor Jackson and Jason MitchellPosted by Wilson Morales

June 13, 2018

The 2018 American Black Film Festival will open with the premiere screening of “Superfly” on June 13 at the Fillmore Theater in Miami Beach, Fla.,

The film is inspired by the 1972 classic, which starred Ron O’Nealas Priest, a cocaine dealer looking to score one more super deal and retire. The movie was directed by Gordon Parks Jr., the son of Gordon Parks. The $500,000 film was massively profitable with box office of $30 million.

“Superfly” is directed by Director X in his feature film debut from Alex Tse’s script. It stars Trevor Jackson stars as Youngblood Priest, with Jason Mitchell playing Eddie, Lex Scott Davis as Georgia, Michael K. Williams as Scatter, Andrea Londo as Cynthia, Allen Maldonado as Litty, Jacob Ming-Trent as Fat Freddy and Omar Chapparo as Adalberto. recently spoke with Jackson and Mitchell on their roles, as the film hits theaters on June 13.

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