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Nobody’s Fool Film Review

Nobody’s Fool Film ReviewPosted by Wilson Morales

November 2, 2018

When you have one of the hottest comedians on screen presently and you now have the freedom to do an R-rated comedy, it should be a recipe for success, especially coming from a proven director like Tyler Perry. Say what you want about his Madea films and whether you liked them or not, his fans are always there to support and it shows at the box office. Perry is not bringing Shakespeare to the masses. He’s bringing entertainment and having done a number of non-Madea melodramas, his first foray with an R-rated romantic comedy is a hit. Starring the hilarious Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick, Amber Riley and Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg, there are the usual messages or lessons we get in his films, but this one has plenty of laughs mixed in to have you leaving the theater joyfully pleased.

Sumpter stars as Danica, a well-to-do successful advertising executive. Having been dumped by a previous fiancé that she’s ok with, her current focus is her latest squeeze, a guy named Charlie whom she has never, ever seen, but has chatted left and right over the phone for nearly a year. They talk constantly although he says he works on an oil rig with no wifi and can’t video chat. With work, she ready to dig deep into the latest ad campaign pitch about a woman’s list for “the perfect man.” To Danica, it’s about being successful, having a job, money, etc..

Her life is about to change when her mom (Goldberg) calls her to pick up her sister Tanya, who’s being released from prison after serving five years. Tagging along with Danica for the support is her co-worker (Riley) , and the minute they get to the prison they see that Tanya is already out and physically ready to get back what she missed while on the inside. It doesn’t take long for Tanya to get a job at the coffee shop where Frank (Hardwick), an ex-con and recovering addict, hires her since he’s had the longest crush on Danica for three years. When Tanya hears about Charlie, she suspects that she’s being catfished and aims to prove it.

From the minute she appears on-screen, Haddish brings in her “A” game. With all due respect to ‘Night School,’ which starred Haddish and Kevin Hart, this is really her follow-up to her breakout role in ‘Girls Trip.’ In ‘School,’ Haddish played her role straight with no laughs, but here Perry allows her to do what she does best. She’s funny from the get-go, never missing a beat, especially in a scene involving the guys from MTV’s “Catfish” (Nev Schulman and Max Joseph). Then there’s the chemistry between Hardwick and Sumpter. Although this is not a Madea film, Tyler has a way of having the sophisticated lady in his films fall for the average-down-to-earth guy. There was Kimberly Elise and Shemar Moore in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba in Daddy’s Little Girls, and Lisa Arrindell Anderson and Boris Kodjoe in Madea’s Family Reunion to name some. It’s a formula that’s worked for him on stage and also on screen. Nobody’s Fool is a romantic comedy with Tika handling the romantic portion and Haddish taking care of the comedy.

It’s great to see Whoopi Goldberg back on the screen and being funny again. She’s in and out at various times throughout the film, but she makes the laugh meter high, especially with her hairdo. Is this the best comedy out there? No, but that’s never been Perry’s style. He’s not looking to break records or bring something new to the genre. He’s looking to make one laugh and be entertained. It’s may be an old formula but as the saying goes, “Everything Old Is New Again” and with Nobody’s Fool, you will leave satisfied.

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