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Previewing OWN’s Chad Loves Michelle, Airing Nov. 3

Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson talk about their upcoming show

November 2, 2018

Airing this Saturday, November 3rd (9 p.m. – 10 p.m. ET/PT) on OWN is “Chad Loves Michelle”, an honest inside look at the path to marriage between Grammy award-winning singer Michelle Williams, one-third of chart-topping Destiny’s Child, and Chad Johnson, sports chaplain to professional sports organizations. Having been together for a year and never in the same city for more than seven days, the newly engaged couple is turning to intensive pre-marital counseling to help prepare them for life together as husband and wife. Both are relocating to Los Angeles from different cities in the months leading up to their wedding, but not to the same bedroom. Guided by their faith and unwavering values, the couple has vowed to consummate the relationship only after they are wed. Each episode will feature real issues the couple is tackling in their everyday lives, including Michelle’s high-profile battle with mental health issues, and the lessons they learn from the pre-marital counseling sessions that bond them stronger together

#ChadLovesMichelle. He certainly does. And Michelle does as well., among other journalists, were invited for an intimate lunch with the couple recently and we watched as they were locked hand in hand to discuss their upcoming show.

The world has known Michelle for over 10 years as a member of the group Destiny’s Child, which most recently performed at Coachella. What we get to see here is the heart of Michelle. The women who years ago dropped everything during a press tour to rush to NJ to support a friend who’s house experienced a fire. In this season of her life, she shares her path to marriage, which most might consider rocky. Her mental health issues significantly affected her relationship with Chad and she at one point told him, “You’ve been praying for a wife for a long time, but did you pray for a depressed wife? And I told him that he could leave. And I think it was easier for me at that time because I said you know, I can understand and I really meant it. I was able to lay my head down that night knowing that this is not what he asked for. So, yeah I definitely had that thought. It wasn’t until we got engaged that I thought I was a burden to be his wife. But days before we got engaged I was like, I’m the reason you haven’t proposed yet not knowing he was about to propose 3 days later.”

#ChadLovesMichelle. I asked him, when was the moment he realized Michelle was the one? Did you have a list? Did she meet your requirements? Chad explained that the process to marriage is different for men. “I think for a man often times it’s a different process. We’re so linear in our thinking and a lot more logical. It took me a longer time I think to realize and say yes, that is the one. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs dating. I’m 41, been single my whole life, but the thing that really got me with Michelle was she killed all the insecurities that I harbored in my heart, in my life, without ever having to voice them. You know what I mean. The stuff that I held onto for years, insecurities that I never voiced; she was providing the answers to. It wasn’t ‘kind of answering’, she was demolishing them. I was like, this is it. After we established the friendship and got into the relationship I said to myself, I don’t need to look anymore,” explained Chad. He didn’t have a list but what he did have was a “ring account”.

That’s right ladies. Pastor Chad had been depositing $150 a month into a ring account for the past 10 years. He was trusting and believing God for his wife. But he did make one thing clear, that account was only for the deposit. He spared no expense for his future wife.

When asked what are some of the takeaway moments that the audience will get out of seeing the series, Michelle stated, “Some of the takeaways will be, I hope people look inward to themselves and kind of just figure out what’s keeping me from things that I want, not just in relationships, but are there things that I’m doing that are blocking some things. For me, I learned that I had a lot of pride, because I was so happy about what I’ve been able to accomplish along with the help of God, but it was kind of like I was bringing that pride into the relationship. I’ve been by myself for 20 years, you can’t tell me nothing. Some of that had to be torn down.”

#ChadLovesMichelle. It’s an intimate look into their lives as they begin marriage counseling. They are believers in God and celibacy and want to share their story of true love with us. Don’t forget to tune in on OWN

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