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Retta & Reno Wilson Talk NBC’s Good Girls Season 2

Season 2 premieres on Sunday, March 3rd

Season 1 of Good Girls took viewers through a whirlwind of organized crime, attempted rape, theft, money laundering—all with a comedic spin. The drama follows three struggling women who plan a supermarket robbery in order to help provide for their families, but end up getting involved in much more than they’d bargained for. Caught in the middle of it all are Ruby Hill (Retta) and Stan Hill (Reno Wilson), a married waitress and police officer with a sick daughter whose marriage is put to the test due to Ruby’s antics. caught up with the Retta and Wilson, and not only witness their fun off-screen chemistry in person, but get some details on what viewers can expect during Season 2, premiering on Sunday, March 3rd at 10/9c.

As Season 2 is opening, circumstances are getting more dire for the women and their families. How do you keep a sense of humor in the show?

Retta: I think it’s easy because we always have faces of consternation that we want any reason NOT to do it because it’s trying. It gives you headaches. I know on This Is Us, they must be crazy stressed. I feel like we’re always so stressed. And now, this season, he gets to be stressed too.

Wilson: Literally, my wife is like “You and your TV wife need to work this out this season”.

Retta: We’re on set all day doing a lot of “this face” –which brings my wrinkles out. I need some botox. [laughing] So when we do get a little bit of comedy written in, we’re grateful to laugh at each other. I think Mae gets to do a lot of funny stuff, and so we get to at least laugh at Mae.

Wilson: Everybody’s really funny.

I feel like the two of you are just naturally funny people and so you have to be super serious.

Retta: I think I’ve found that we’re very similar. And so we laugh at the same things. We find the same things funny. Musically, we know the same songs from childhood.

Wilson: Because we’re both from the East Coast. And that happened naturally.

How do you hope the second season is perceived by fans of the show compared to the first season?

Retta: I think because it got onto Netflix, a lot more people have gotten into it. People who watched it from the beginning were like “I’ve watched it 4 times,” waiting for it. Like “We were there from the get-go!” “We waited every week!” And now I think it’s built up a little bit of excitement for Season 2. And I feel like they will be satisfied. They’ll be happy. I was really stressed, because I don’t want to know beforehand. So, I don’t get the information from Jenna.

How much did she communicate to you guys?

Retta: Not much to me. I asked not to be told. She said please just let me tell you. And I’m like nope—I don’t want to know.

Wilson: She did the same thing to me also. Season 1, we would get a script. We couldn’t wait to get to the end of the episode. And when we get to the end of the episode, I’d text her, I’d call her and be like “What?” And the difference this season is I’m scared to open the scripts.

Retta: This season, there’s three specific episodes where I called Jenna and I was like “Why?” and she was like “It’ll make for good TV! You’ll be able to perform that!” And I really was very anxious about stuff that was happening this season. And there was particularly an episode where I was like “What? How did I not see that coming” And she had told the girls, but I told her not to tell me anything. So when the episode came, I was like “What just happened?” So I think they’ll be happy.

Wilson: I don’t know how they’re able to do that. How you can be surprised while you’re reading the script. I didn’t see that coming either. They’re good at what they do.

What can you say about the state of the marriage in Season 2 given how much they went through in Season 1 and how much drama is to come?

Retta: They’re challenged. They’re tried. The marriage is put to the test. Will we make it through it? That was one of the things that stressed me out. I didn’t like it.

Wilson: The term “ride or die” is really tested this season.

Retta: Because my scenes with him were usually calm. I didn’t have to have the consternation face.

Going back to your reaction reading the script, have there been any scenes that were particularly challenging?

Retta: There was one with the whole family. And you end up walking out the door. That was a lot. I’m not telling all of it! I had a couple scenes with Christina that were tough to do. And you know, Ruby tends to be the crier anyway of the group. So, I had a couple that were tough that were crying scenes. Just being friends with Christina and seeing what their friendship is going through. The scene that we have with the family was really stressful.

Wilson: There were a lot of moments for me. I have children. I was in situations I can’t imagine. And so you have to ask yourself “What would I feel? What would it be like?” It’s really stressful. It’s so far fetched.

Has Jenna given you any idea of what the long game of the series is?

Retta: I wouldn’t be surprised if she knows exactly. I’m not interested in knowing.

Not even to plan your life? Knowing whether you’re doing a 2 year or 7 year series?

Retta: No, she hasn’t said that. And I think that’s because she’s not certain. And I feel like it’s the kind of show that I hope they’d tell us that this would be the last one so she can fill in all the stuff that she wants to fill in.

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